MS SQL: Whats the difference between view and joins?

I have been working with MS SQL for some time, and i always use joins in making my queries.

However, i would like to know the difference between views and joins.

And why must my objects be always dbo e.g table dbo.table_name
if i have a login as afrika, why cant i create my tables as dbo.afrika


views and joins can’t be compared as they are very different things
(ie you could have join inside a view)

A View is like your MS Access Query
it will spit out results such as
“Give me the names of everyone older than 30 that plays tennis” say

The different between a VIEW and a Stored Procedure
is that a View will only use the “SELECT” statement
you can’t update or delete records with a View
(very simplistic answer there are other differences too)

Now join is a different thing all together
its a function used in a SQL Statement

SELECT blah blah FROM tblBlog, tblBlig WHERE … … etc INNER JOIN

(reason I am not giving you a more readable code is because I never user JOINS in any of my queries so I forgot the syntax! )

dbo is standard for database object.
much like you have say an Excel object
excel.application.forms … etc

its just their standard object model.
the hierarchy can go even higher levels

something loosely like:


try and see what happens when you ommit dbo on your queries.
you still get the same result.

thanks a lot, I tend to use joins a lot,