Mozila Vs Google Chrome for SEO

Hi friends,
What you think, which is the best browser for SEO? Mozila Firefox or Google Chrome?
Both have many cool SEO apps.
Let me know your comments.

SEO has got nothing to do with your choice of browser. Whatever SEO techniques you adopt, they won’t be affected by your using one browser rather than another.

You mention browser’s having “cool SEO apps”. Perhaps you could explain what these apps are.


I think he’s on about add-ons. I use Firefox with the Firebug and Seoquake add-ons.

Firefox has more addons. Usually better in my opinion.

Both are equally good. Chrome has a slight advantage with good addons or browser extensions in its webstore. Chrome is light and fast.

Browsers have nothing whatever to do with SEO. What you have for breakfast has a greater influence over SEO than which browser you use.

The more plugins you need to add to a browser to get it to work properly the poorer the browser is in the firsat place. Firefox is the only browser that doesn’t have a full debugger built into the browser itself. Both Firefox and Chrome require the use of plugins of some sort to implement many features built into the much smaller and much faster running Opera browser.

I like to use Mozilla Firefox for SEO. Yes, Google is super fast. But Firefox SEO add-ons/plug-ins do great wonders to me. The prime examples are SEOQuake, Rank Checker and Search Status.

Mozila is best with SEO because there is a complete tool bar to tell the all ranking about the site of different tools. Firefox addons are the toolbar which you can download for check the site ranking or pr etc.

In my opinion Mozilla Firefox has a little more advantage when it comes to SEO. Mozilla is more user-friendly for SEO point of view and helpful in performing various submission activities easily.

Firefox is the friendly user for SEO purpose.For link building purpose and other off page strategies,Firefox is the best.

Since there are plenty of opinions being thrown out, but no backing up for those opinions, and since the OP has not bothered to return to the thread, I think it’s outlived it’s purpose.