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Hi, could anyone be so kind as to answer a question about moving navigation and SEO…?
I’m looking to move some menu items, they’ve been placed in the header widget area and as a result, do not show on mobiles. So a move of these items from the widget nav to the main nav which is the next step.
I know that changing the menu or site structure can potentially ruin any “SEO juice” without any redirects in place. But I’m only looking to move the items with their children up to the main navigation.
The only thing that I can see will change is the tags the navigation will be wrapped by in the markup but the site structure/hierarchy stay the same.
So will this have any effect on the google juice? I cant be sure and set up redirects as they are to themselves, so I’m assuming there won’t be any issue as Google will still see these as the primary links for the particular menu items/links
Sorry, I’m only learning about foolishly changing menu and catastrophically losing everything so I’m treading lightly this time.

by the way, sorry if this a really convoluted way of asking!

It will doesn’t hurt your SEO. You are just updating the links so not to worry to much it’s fine and save. But be careful don’t remove any content from that page, Do not Change Title and Description.

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Hello there!
No, moving navigation bars does not affect your SEO in any ways (though please keep in mind that usability may suffer a bit).

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