Moving from a single container application to a multi container system

I’m working on building out a multi container system around my app. I’ve never gone past one container (I know I’m a bit behind on this topic) and want to start implementing a true microservices architecture. I found this post on Red Hat Developer. Anyone have other resources?

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I’m not exactly a Dev Ops pro or anything, but containers are just systems. So the easiest way to dip your feet in would be to just manually deploy them into something like a VPS or AWS ECS or use something like AWS Fargate.

Looking into an orchestration platform like Kubernetes or Terraform from the beginning can make things a lot more complicated than they probably should be. If you get to a point where you need to use one of these, then what they do and are for will probably make more sense to you.

If you are dealing with Kubernetes, I invite you to read this series.

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