move_uploaded_file doesn't move files - problem with apache configuration in OpenSuse


I’m new to PHP and am trying to figure out how to make move_uploaded_file to work.
To test and learn PHP I use public_html folder in my home dir, that is: /home/wojtek/public_html. I access it like this: localhost/~wojtek/[…]
The server root is /srv/www/htdocs.

Let me show the code. It comes from ‘Head First PHP’ book. Here you go:

The problem is that an uploaded file doesn’t reach the temporary folder for uploaded files. I set it to ‘/srv/www/tmp’. Here is the output of ‘ls’ command:

drwxrwxrwx 2 root www  4096 Sep 26 17:33 tmp

I don’t even know where the temporary folder should go :frowning:

Apache belongs to ‘www’ group so I added myself to that group too.



	// define application constants
	define('GW_UPLOADPATH', '/home/wojtek/public_html/headfirst/ch05/guitarwars/images/');

And here is another problem.*:slight_smile: I don’t altogether know what path should I use – absolute or relative? I tried with:
• /~wojtek/[…]
• images/ (the script is in guitarwars/)

and none worked.

The script works. I get no errors. And I even get the temporary name of an uploaded file.

I tried somehow make $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] to work – to get the root of public_html but I always get /srv/www/htdocs.

So I’m completely confused. I don’t know:
• where should temporary folder be created (in /srv/www/[…] or in public_html?)
• why is the temporary folder always empty (no files even when there is no error when file is uploaded)
• what destination path of move_uploaded_file should I*use (absolute, relative (relative to what?))

I hope this is not a tricky question and you guys can help me. Thanks in advance!

You are asking a lot of questions, so people are less likely to take the trouble to reply.

I think the crux of your problem is to do with locating [google]tmp directory for PHP[/google] (a google results page), although you may have compounded problems with permissions by the sound of it.

The other thing I always fully recommend, not matter how brilliant your book is, is to study fully the Handling File Uploads section of the online manual.

The trick is to identify, isolate and fix one challenge at a time.

Now, did you find your /tmp directory?

Can you upload anything to that directory?

Agreed, and check your phpinfo()! It will identify a lot of what you are asking, the tmp directory should be defined, the SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] is defined (hint: this is set in your Apache configuration).

Also verify the folder you want to move the file to is writeable or has proper permissions for your apache user (usually wwwdata) to access the folder.

Ok, sorry for writing about too many things. First things first.*:slight_smile:

The temp dir is located at:

upload_tmp_dir = "/srv/www/tmp"

output of ls -hal:

drwxrwxrwx 2 root www  4.0K Sep 27 13:00 tmp

I can copy files there manually without an error.

Which user are you and which user is Apache?

wojtek@linux-4h22:~$ groups
users www video

wojtek@linux-4h22:/etc/apache2$ cat uid.conf
User wwwrun
Group www

I*added at the top of the script these lines:

ini_set("display_errors", 1);

and now get this:

Warning: move_uploaded_file(/home/wojtek/public_html/headfirst/ch05/guitarwars/images/001.jpg): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/wojtek/public_html/headfirst/ch05/guitarwars/addscore.php on line 38 Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move '/srv/www/tmp/phpCb8m0M' to '/home/wojtek/public_html/headfirst/ch05/guitarwars/images/001.jpg' in /home/wojtek/public_html/headfirst/ch05/guitarwars/addscore.php on line 38 upload failed

Which is much clear now. So the problem must be with the destination.

Following the advice on, I*changed the user of images/ to ‘nobody’ and its rights to ’755’. But still with no success.

// edit
OK, I restored the ownership to my user (wojtek) and gave it 777 rights. Now it works!

The next issue that bothers me is how should Iset the destination? Is it OKto give the whole, absolute path like this one:

	// define application constants
	define('GW_UPLOADPATH', '/home/wojtek/public_html/headfirst/ch05/guitarwars/images/');


Can I*for example to make use of relative paths? Kinda ‘/~wojtek/headfirst/ch05/guitarwars/images/’?

OK. Of course I*can use relative paths now. :slight_smile:
Thank everybody for interest!