MOVE Pattern

I couldn’t find anything relating to this new design pattern after a quick SP search, so i wanted to get a discussion started on it.

MOVE is another design pattern (pretty hard to find documentation on due to its acronym and early stage, IMO). A little read up can be found here:

I felt I was just starting to get my head around some good MVC design, and then my main MVC framework (Zend Framework) jumps ship from MVC to MOVE (Models, Operations, Views, and Events). From what I’ve read, ZF2 has had contributions from even Google and Microsoft.

I agree that the controller can become a little contested, but looking at some example files, it looks to me like there may be even more code involved in this pattern. I don’t want to slam it just yet, in fact I’m pretty excited about it since ZF has migrated to it. I do plan on firing up a test project within the week to see how things go, but I wanted to see what everyone who has some experience with it feels.

Do you have more links to read or example code? I couldn’t find much information, and no code examples at all. I searched move pattern but didn’t find anything useful, and a general search didn’t reveal much either. I could find only one source for the claim that Zend is moving to MOVE, and that was StackOverflow answer that linked to the same link you did.

Ah you know what, it looks like I might have provided bad info. It uses the SOLID principle: which would explain the reason I’m seeing a bit more code when looking at the quick start album app that Rob Allen writes for ZF: