Mouseout function help

I have a css menu here: MENU

Everything is fine except when you hover over an item. It drops down, and I have the menu items spaced down a little ways from the top menu for a reason. When you go to hover over the drop down items obviously they disappear because of the gap that i have there. Is there a way to delay that with JS? like 1/4 of a second so the user can have enough time to hover over the drop down menu?

Anybody have any suggestions? Or should this go into CSS forum?

If CSS hover is used to trigger it, then javascript can’t really help with that there.

Would it help to use margin or padding to extend the top of the dropdown? I think you may be right about approaching the CSS forum.

I was just doing some reading online earlier and everything pointed me to thinking it was Javascript. It was a mouseout event that referenced a certain ID or Class… I may be wrong but that’s what I was taking in about it. I’ll also try the CSS forums. Thanks!

Figured it out with CSS. Thanks.