Most bizarre problem i have ever seen - widget replacing page body

I am having a really bizarre problem with my site (

its a child of the twenty ten theme.
I have created a widget area at the top of the page, below the site nav as an area for slideshows.
this has worked perfectly fine with every other site i have made.

Now suddenly with this site, when i input the text widget that contains the iframe of the slideshow,
the entire body content of the site is replaced by this widget, rather than showing below it, as it normally would.
if you wish to see an example of this you can go to

what the frakk is wrong with my installation that its doing this?
i dont even know where to begin looking for the problem.
i have completely reinstalled wordpress and all the themes and this issue is still happening.

Ok i feel like the biggest moron in the world.

The problem was i wrote the iframe like a self-closing tag ( /> ), which it is not.
once i closed it properly, everything was fine.

Don’t worry about it. There’s nothing quite like posting your problem publicly to help you realise that actually it’s just a typo or something equally daft. We’ve all done it. :slight_smile: At least you can pat yourself on the back for having spotted it.