MoongoDB DB using Mongoose construction help


I am using a MongoDB to make a simple - “three tier” dependency population function.

I have a MERN stack and am using Mongoose to make a model for three ‘tables’ (sorry I speak SQL) – or perhaps they are called ‘collections’.

I am looking to understand and describe the problem and thereby do a better job at researching and finding a solution.

What I want is for the user to select something from a drop box (say category) on the front end – and that will populate a series of checkboxes with up to 5 choices.

Based what they tick in those ‘dependent’ options – say ‘subjects’ they can then be presented with up to five check box options again (call those ‘tags’ or ‘items’).

I am researching how this might look like implemented with basic HTML and JS and a Mongoose schema.

Any suggestions on where to start? Perhaps how to describe the problem and for some tutorials on how to solve that problem?