Monthly billing


so my next question is i have a client who is wanting a website to be built only question is if the online store cost about 7k to build and design would it b logicsl to divide that over at 12 month period so they pay that over the next 12 months if they do this and they do want should i include seo whom i have wholesale pricing with to charge them another 2k per month so in the end they paying almost 3k a month

does this seem logical as i have to outsource some of the work??

With a project of this size, I would definitely bill monthly. But I would bill for the actual hours worked in the month rather than for one twelth of the cost. The main reason for that is that it makes things simpler if the project goes over (or under) the estimate, or if you have to change the contract for whatever reason.

Billing for the actual hours means that you have an obligation to keep accurate time sheets, and you must be prepared to let the client see the time sheets on request. (In practice it’s unlikely than a client would ask for that.)


If you’re going to build the website in the next 12 months, then surely they won’t have to pay for any SEO campaign during the time of development?

ok that does make sense once the site has gone live how do i ask just kindly ask them if they would be interested in having seo done for an extra 2k a month?

Well, you’ll need to ask them at some stage. You can hardly just charge them an additional 2k per month without checking that they want the services. You could certainly ask them now, at the planning stage, whether they will require SEO services once the site is completed - maybe even offer them a discount if they sign up in advance.

It depends partly on what sort of SEO you have in mind. If you are thinking of on-page SEO, such as optimising for certain keywords, creating sutiable page titles, developing SEO-friendly navigation, etc., then those are things that should be baked into the site as you develop it, rather than added later. In that case, it’s hard to justify charging extra for it. It’s the sort of thing you ought to be doing anyway.

But if you are thinking of things like building high-quality backlinks, it might be better to offer that as an add-on. In that case, I would focus on getting the site finished to their compete satisfaction, and offer to do the SEO as a subsequent stage. By that time, they will be convinced of your skills, and will trust your judgement, thus making the SEO sell much easier.