MongoDB Setup - File System Cache Warning

Hi there,

So I’m using MongoDB for a bit of training to get to grips with databases.

I’ve managed to get everything setup and MongoDB has started successfully. However, I’ve noticed the following warning within the logs - is this anything to be concerned about and what could I do about it?

“** WARNING: The file system cache of this machine is configured to be greater than 40% of the total memory. This can lead to increased memory pressure and poor performance.”


It depends. How much of the memory is being used simultaneously?

I imagine if you are using the memory during development and no other processes that rely on adequate memory are running you would be fine. If however your OS is “multitasking” you could experience bogging, hanging or crashing.

IMHO, it’s generally advisable to keep things within “sane” limits. But if something needs to dominate resource use and you understand and accept the ramifications you could be OK.

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Thanks! I wondered if it was something specific to MongoDB. With 16GB RAM to play with though I should be fine then - I rarely run Visual Studio, CMDer, Chrome and MongoDB with anything else running so seems I should be fine. I just wondered why that message popped up, particularly as I presumably have surplus memory available anyway (surely I should do with 16GB!!) haha.

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