Module to make pre-existing joomla site iphone friendly? Please read

I have built an entire joomla website for a client, however now they want the entire site to be mobile friendly and the template used was not a responsive template

Is there a module that will either shrink the website proportionately for iphone/mobile or easy iphone site without having to create all new categories, articles, modules, positions etc?

You wouldn’t have to create new categories, articles or modules. :smiley: That’s all content stuff, so don’t worry about that.

Positions on the other hand …

Best-case scenario is you install a new template, meaning you’d have to do some modifying of the index.php and a few other configurations to make sure you have the same module positions and so on. It might be a little tricky but generally that’s the idea behind a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla … is that you have the ability to swap out templates without necessarily affecting your site’s content.

Otherwise … there’s this thing called CSS. You might consider learning some of it.