Moderators List doesn't show up correctly

When viewing a forum, at the bottom there is a section “Moderators of this Forum”. It simply writes “Array” instead of looping through the array and displaying each moderator.

Maybe this is intentional, maybe it isn’t. Just wanted to point it out.

Hi cpradio. Thanks for the feedback. It certainly has been noticed (it’s been there since the most recent upgrade) but it’s not as high on the priority list as some other things. I’m sure it will be sorted before long, though. :slight_smile:

The list is not entirely up-to-date, but it may help.
You can get to it via the FAQ or Quick Links

Hi Mittineague,

Not a big deal, I just wanted to make sure the staff was aware of it. I also noticed another minor issue, but I’ll use a separate thread for that one.