Moderator: Error in FAQ abut HTML thread

If you click on the questions in that (pinned or sticky) thread, it doesn’t take you to the answers, but to a different page entirely.

Sorry @StevenHu; - you’ve lost me! Which thread are you talking about? I’ll look into it if you can give me some more info. Thanks.

Hm, that’s odd, because the code behind it accords with the VB tags that are meant to be used. We’ll have to investigate further. Leave it with the Design team! :slight_smile:

UPDATE: It seems (from what I can gather from the VB forums) that the code you insert in a post to create jumpto links in VB4 no longer work. It seems to be a bug in VB4. We may just have to remove the links. :frowning:

The “jumpto” links have been buggy since the URL rewriting. which was followed with the vB upgrade. AFAIK the only place they’ve been used is in longer sticky posts and because I know the devs have been busy, the way I “fixed” it in Programming was to remove the jumpto links. It means “scrolling and hunting”, but that seemed better than confusing members with broken links.