Mobilized! And How to Get Google to Ignore My IP

Thanks to some of the suggestions on this site, I moved all of my websites to a very mobile friendly platform. They still do not look super professional but they are a lot easier to navigate for people who use the sites. I have noticed a little improvement in SEO results but it is sometimes hard to tell because Google sometimes uses my IP address.

I have an online business serving all of the United States and like a lot of companies these days. I would like to see how my sites rank when Google is not using my IP address for my searches. Is there a way to do this with getting a VPN. I have tried turning off location services in Google and changed privacy setting but nothing seems to work

well there are free solutions, like goofy anonymizers, VPN plugins and tor of cause. They all will try to hide your IP at some level, it’s good for testing, just don’t think you’re completely anonymous)))

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you’re also being tracked by other things - your cookies, your browser profile…

The trick, as stated elsewhere, is that how your sites rank for any given person will be different. There is not one global/regional ranking for a given search.

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