Mobile version?

Hey guys,

Im sorry if this has been posted before (I’m guessing it has) - but whenever I attempt to browse the SPF from one of my mobile devices, it starts by prompting me to install some app, which is priced at 3.5$ and has terrible comments/reviews. Upon cancelling, it takes me to the normal sitepoint page but renders it in the same way as on a PC, which simply is horrible for mobile browsing (curse these fat fingers!).

Is there any plan on making a mobile stylesheet? or an App even?

Would there be a problem with making an app myself, non-commercial obviously?

The Tapatalk app works beautifully with these forums, and works on a lot of devices, so I recommend you try that out. :slight_smile:

Well that’s the one with all the negative comments >_> and also it’s not free? Seems like a bit of a joke that the leading developer forum doesn’t have their own app :slight_smile:

I find Tapatalk really nice to use. It’s very cheap, really—less than a cup of coffee. Tapatalk is a VBulletin app … there’s no point in SP reinvinting the wheel … especially when people would want it for free and still probably diss it anyway. :slight_smile:

Spoken like a true slacker!


Would there be anything wrong with creating an unofficial sitepoint forum app and distributing it for free? With cleary stating and underlining the “unofficial” of course?

Do you mean that you are considering writing one?

Yeah, if it’s not against any terms/rules

Let me check in and get back to you.