Mobile version or International Websites? And subdomains


Where should I a concentrate my efforts? Making my website:

Mobile friendly
Designing international websites (French, Spanish, German, etc)

Also when I make international sites I am assuming subdomains are better than folders because subdomains will count as more backlinks, right?

Thanks for your comments.

I couldn’t possibly comment, not knowing the nature of your on-line business.
You should have a good idea which in more important to you.


not sure why you can’t do both to be honest. Make your website templates RWD and it doesn’t matter what language you put it in.

But if you HAVE to choose then it depends on what you are selling and who you want to read it. If your user base is entirely English speaking mobile users then having a desktop website in Cantonese is not going to be very useful.

From an SEO point of view google does rank mobile friendly websites higher on mobile searches and the majority of the Western world speaks english so if that was where i was aiming at i’d make a good RWD english site first.

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It will also rank French language sites higher for French language searches.
But like we say, it all depends on your business and target audience, which we don’t know.

Do you have a lot of visitors using mobile? If so, concentrate on making your sites mobile-friendly.

Do you have a lot of international visitors? If so, it might be better to concentrate on international sites.

Do you have a lot of both? Then do both.

Only you can really judge what is the best strategy for your own business, but I think for the foreseeable future having mobile-friendly sites will be a must.

I don’t really understand what you’re asking here. Google regards links between a domain and its sub-domains as internal links, as it does with folders. SitePoint has recently moved away from having sub-domains or different domains to having everything under the main domain, and has apparently seen an improvement in SEO results.


Or do you have just a few, but would like to attract more?

Mobile friendly is pretty much taken as a given these days, but if International happens to be very important to you, you may give that priority.


I have recently updated a site to use It is not easy and has taken nearly two months.

Google’s Search Analytics average page position has now dropped from over 11 to 7.2. Mobile has dropped to 5.8, tablet down to 5.9 and desktop down to 9.1

I think it is well worth investigating.

AMP, that’s one of those things that: the more I read about it, the more confused I become about it. :confused:


UK’s BBC and quite a few other reputable sites are using it and the results are impressive.

Yes, it’s something I thought was an interesting idea, but when I looked into it, it was confusing and I wasn’t sure if it were just a fad, or a standard for the future. I will maybe look again with time and try but with a simple site.

I use a PHP Framework and foolishly included common headings,footers, etc and Google was remarkably quick in detecting errors but very slow in acknowledging rectified pages. Needless to say Page ranking dropped immediately and it takes an infuriating amount of time to recover:(

Using a Google template and inserting your own content, images, CSS, JavaScript, etc then submitting the page for Google’s testing is by far the best way to start.

Google does have very good and comprehensive testing tools which are absolutely necessary because they have introduced new HTML features which fail validation checks!

The following shows a web page using the AmpProject specifications. Try validating the page and also run a Web Page Speed Test.

Trailing numeric parameter selects the number of thumbnails.

I have just ran the Pingdom Speedtest and it takes just over half a second from the Californian server to display the first 53 items. Thousands of images are not shown until the thumbnails appear in the viewport.


I recall making the switch to RWD on a site with hundreds of pages and how long it took to clear all the “errors” in GWT.


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