Mobile portion of bootstrap mega menu

I’m having trouble designing the collapsed part of a bootstrap responsive nav bar. It’s kinda complicated with the mega menu.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Here is a codepen with the working version of the navbar which had the full version working as needed, but as you will see the mobile (collapsed) version is no-where close to done.

Here are screenshots of what I’m trying to achieve:

Hi Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to do this properly and it would be much easier in bootstrap4 (or no bootstrap at all :)).

Here’s a rough start but the mid screen needs some extra work. From your drawing it looks like you need some extra function built into the small screen menu and that will require custom js as the standard dropdown just drops down and doesn’t go backward and forward as such.

You may be better off looking for a ready made menu that’s close to what you want as there are many around on bootply and similar.

Sorry I couldn’t spend more time on this but away on holiday at the moment :slight_smile:


That gets me really close!!! Thank you!

and have a great holiday: :blush:

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