Mobile friendly website?

i want to know , how important now it is to have a mobile friendly website?

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There was a recent discussion on a very similar topic, which you might find helpful:

If you want to reach to the huge amount of people then you must have a mobile friendly website because according to studies, about 40% of the people who have a mobile phone use it for going online, and half of them will go online at least once every day. This presents a huge opportunity for a business. You can grow your business via mobile friendly website.

This was written 3 years ago, and mobile usage on the web has increased significantly since that time.

You may already know that the mobile users are continuously increasing with time. Therefore, the website must be mobile friendly in order to get more visitors. The sites which are not mobile friendly will keep the users away from the website. The users will tend to leave the website immediately if it is not loading or displaying properly. To get more details about how to get a mobile friendly site, Have a look at this infographic.

That link is certainly a great example of how not to go about it.

One huge image, set up in such a way that as the screen size shrinks, the right-hand side of the image disappears and is inaccessible - no horizontal scroll-bar.

Of course, the whole thing is inaccessible to screen-readers, and useless if the image fails to load for some reason.

Lots of “graphic” but not much “info”.

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it is very important to have a mobile friendly website as most people are accessing the website through mobiles only so it has to be fast and mobile friendly.

It has been found that most of the users are browsing internet through their mobile phones and this count is increasing day-by-day .Website owners are giving more stress to design their website mobile-friendly so as to provide more comfort to their customers in navigating and displaying their site on hand-held devices without any disturbances .

I think at one point it was very very very…very! Important, however since phones keep getting bigger and resolutions keep getting higher I think it is slowly becoming less important than it was 2-3 years ago. However it never hurts to have the mobile part of web development covered. Just in case.

I wish there was a standard to screen sizes and resolutions on devices but there isn’t and this makes it very difficult to cover every single device out there in your css media queries. However there are frameworks that help with this such as the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

Any who… That’s my two cents. Hope it helps.

Actually its more important these days because mobile traffic now outstrips desktop usage. Mobiles are still too small to use a desktop site properly so you do need to cater for them.

You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) be detecting every single device. You should instead use a device agnostic approach and just make sure your design scales up and down across the whole range. This can be done in the desktop by opening and closing the browser window from small to large and whenever the design looks odd or breaks then throw in a media query and fix it. With a good fluid design approach a few well chose media queries will work wonders (and don’t forget the viewport meta tag).


We all know that smart phones, i-pads and tablets have become the primary device to access Internet and we love to access every possible thing on them. So obviously if your website has mobile presence then it will be good for your business.

Do we? Have they? It’s not what my web stats tell me!

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I agree. I think there are various factors affecting how high a percentage of your visitors use mobile, including their country and their age-group. So knowing your target audience is important.

Also, some types of sites are probably more likely to get mobile views; tourist attractions, restaurants - anything which people may want to locate whilst on the move.

That said, the trend does seem to be towards greater use of mobile and other small devices, and I would always argue that a site should be usable at any scale.

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Hi gandalf458, I do believe on your web stats, but there are many websites which are getting their maximum traffic from mobile devices. Like twitter which is getting more than 80% of their user traffic from smart phones. So if I have a business and I want to promote it then I cannot over look such scenario.

It is an article from James Parsons which clearly elaborates importance of mobile devices.

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