Why does mktime() throw a notice when it acts on a variable?

Here’s the notice I get: Notice: A non well formed numeric value encountered in E:\wamp\www\ est_120319.php on line 21. Please notice line 22 doesn’t produce a notice.

line20:   $temp = "28,41,20,19,03,2012";
line21:   echo mktime($temp) . '<br />';
line22:   mktime(28,41,20,19,03,2012) . '<br />';

Because that is not how it works. It doesn’t take a string like that.

Then whats the difference between line 20 and 22?

Its not obvious? Line 20 is a string. Line 22 is a function with arguments. You cannot take the arguments on Line 22 and put them into a string and expect it to work.

No, it wasn’t, but I knew I should know better when I sent my last post.

This was what I needed to see: mktime($sec,$min,$hr,$day,$mo,$year).

Thanks for making me think logic_earth.