MIT makes new experimental tactile user interface

This electromagnetic interface (called ZeroN) allows people to place objects in 3-d space, and the interface can remember where things have been placed in the past (a sort of version control).

Researcher Jinha Lee:

This reminded me of the rant by UX specialist Bret Victor about how we are tactile creatures and we work best with tactile feedback when manipulating things. This ZeroN could be a start in that direction.

Wow this is a very interesting article! It really does remind me of Iron Man and Tony Stark’s tactile computer UI.

I can see this being used for many applications, even in something as far out as fighter pilot cockpits to reverse some of the strain that comes with making high G turns.

I’m really excited to see what the future has in store for this!

Great rant, thanks for the link!

It actually reminds me of the work of a finnish architectural theorist Juhani Pallasmaa. He writes a lot a about tactile architecture and modern trend to primarily focus on vision. I quick read if you’re interested:

Do you know of any other written work by Bret Victor? His website is rather difficult to navigate for a UX Specialist.

I can’t stand his generally unreadable website. But, I assume he designed it to please himself, rather than to follow UX conventions.

He doesn’t seem to have other rants, but he’s got general articles/blog posts (which apparently is what all that slow junk on his main page links to).