Missing 60Gb of HD space

I have noticed last days that my primary partition on my laptop has only
3Gb of free space. When I right click on the partition (HD icon from My
Computer) and click Properties, the used space is 116Gb (out of 120Gb).
When I select all folders and files on that partition (INCLUDING hidden
files and folders) and select properties, the size is cca 52Gb. I know
there is a difference between the actual size and the size on disk,
allocation size for files etc. BUT we are talking about 60Gb!!! Where
does that space has gone? Can someone give an advice where to look for?

Do you have compressed files. Those can expand quite a bit. That’s the only thing that I can think of right now

I had that recently and I just installed Windows 7 again fresh and I got the space back.

Just an idea.

Just to be sure run some anti-virus and malware tests. Could be trying to trick you for some reason and hiding itself. I know that some dodgy mp3 players on ebay have software to show much higher capacity and when reset they show the real size.

failing that try a disc defrag and check sectors etc and see if that jogs it back to reading correctly.


This is a good idea :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tips! As I know, I don’t have compressed files. I will start with a virus scan, defrag and if that doesn’t help OS ‘refresh’…

How old is the hard drive? Try a application that can read the SMART data from the drive, if the drive is quite old it could be on its way out

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