Mirror swf from left to right

hi everyone quick question i have lots of swf files is there any way to make them be mirrored from left to right and then play them like that.

Could you explain a bit further what your question is?

sure i want the swf file to be mirrored i want it to look like the picture i posted. I’ve got a .swf file which I’d like to reverse (I don’t mean play backwards, I mean swap around to it’s mirror image - left to right).

Can .swf files even be played any more? (I’ve lost touch with them.) I would think a video editor could do that, if it could even play a .swf video file.

yes but how do i do it

anyone help me please i can do it to gif files but not swf’s is there a way to do it to swf files

anyone please help

You’d be better converting them to gif files.

Adobe dropped flash player support for all major browsers years ago, and the only way they can be shown in is via browser extensions, which most people won’t bother installing. So if you want more people to view your content, going to gif would be better.

okay how do I convert them to gif files

There are dozens of options if you Google that.

well if I do swf to gif it doesn’t work

What dorsn’t work?

if I use a converter online says This media does not contain any stream, suitable to convert in output form
i can use a screen recorder and record the screen then use it from mp4 to gif

I guess it depends on the nature of the SWF.
A Gif can be a still image or short animated raster sequence
As I recall SWF came in a veriety of forms, some like a gif sequence, but others using vectors and some with a level of user interactivity and audio.
The probelm with SWF is it is a dead format with little to no support. The players are known to have security vulnerabilities which is one reason few people will install them today. So not a great format to use on today’s web.

so interactive swf’s are no good then I can use a screen recorder for interactive swf’s

No, you can’t convert an interactive SWF to a GIF.

Or maybe just use the screen recorder to turn it into mp4 and just use that. It won’t be interactive, though. There are other technologies to make things interactive, like SVG and JavaScript, but that’s fairly heavy duty.