Migrating site with duplicator

I had a domain A with a fully working website, which I transferred over to domain B. Some minor things are not working though.

So I went back to domain A which still displays the old website, but with a 404 error - Page not found.

When I try to login at A/wp-admin it just redirects me to B/wp-admin.

Is this a default behaviour of the duplicator plugin, or did I do something wrong within the installer.php settings ?

How do I access the site on domain A ?

I can’t imagine what may have happened but no, this is not typical functionality of the Duplicator plugin. There is a video overview that you may want to check out: http://lifeinthegrid.com/labs/duplicator/

The process is to install the plugin on the site to be moved ( domain A), create a package & install file, copy the package & install file to the new site ( domain B ), and run the installer. The info that you enter into the installer determines where things get moved around to so do you happen to have a screenshot of that or remember what was entered in each field?

so I’ve made a mistake and pointed the installer to my old database.
All is working correctly now.

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