Microsoft Excel with MySQL

Hi there,

I am about to begin designing a table containing over 2,000 products. I intend to use PHPMyAdmin to design the fields in the table.:cool:

Whenever I search for using Microsoft Excel with MySQL no one seems to recommend it. I think it would be easier?:injured:

If I want to add a new product using Microsoft Excel I would just export the table from PHPMyAdmin as an Excel Spreadsheet, enter the new information about the new product as a new entry. Then import the Excel file into PHPMyAdmin. Similarly, if I want to edit some prices I export, change and import the changes.

What people have recommended is having a login at the web site. And then create some “add new product” and “edit” pages, whereby as a webmaster I can edit the data and other people in the office whom are less web-site-design-savvy can log in and add new products and edit existing prices, etc…

What do you suggest? How easy is it using Microsoft Excel with MySQL? Why do you suggest what you suggest? What experience do you have with Microsoft Excel?:slight_smile:

Thanks for your help,:smiley:


dumping the table, adding a couple of rows in excel, then re-importing the table… is the hard way

the easy way is using a front end tool like HeidiSQL

srsly, no comparison