Microsoft Edge on the Mac

Do you think Microsoft will ever release Edge for the Mac?

Is it worth it? Is it possible?

Honestly, from what I’ve been reading, so far, Edge is not that different from IE (I believe they just changed the name to get away from the bad taste that IE leaves for so many users.) With the availability of other, much better browsers (more secure, less bloated), if they did make it available for Mac, you’d still be better off with FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.

Just my two cents.


Considering Apple stopped releasing Safari for Windows, I kind of doubt Microsoft will release Edge for Mac unless an edge business case comes up, or a market niche which will be profitable if found.

Like @WolfShade said, the market is just too crowded (though I would argue the bloated factor)

FireFox does seem to be bulking up, a bit; but Chrome is still pretty slim for all the security it has. I haven’t used Safari or Opera in YEARS, so can’t speak to those.


FF is ridiculous. Safari doesn’t run in Windows anymore, so I can’t speak on that.

The problem I’m having with Chrome is it either isn’t cleaning up processes, or it’s creating extras. I almost always have 3-4 extra processes running. They finally cleanup when I close out of Chrome completely, but still. And I’m not running plugins - just vanilla chrome.

Vivaldi (the browser from the old Opera devs) is worse. I had one single tab open, and SIX different processes were running.

Chrome does create extra processes, true. But I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as FF.

And I’ll admit that I deleted Chrome from all my computers for the simple reason that Chrome keeps removing control from the user, one thing at a time. It’s annoying.

However, one thing that I will say for Chrome that AFAIK no other browser is doing: it’s is going the extra step when it comes to checking to make sure that a TLS/SSL certificate is not forged. If it encounters a cert that doesn’t check out (I mean more than just checking a CRL), it reports that cert to Google, which then adds that cert to a list of forged certs, potentially damaging the reputation of any site that is using it.


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