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I just noticed last night that Internet Explorer and Edge are both “blocking” my Web site. When I visit my Web site, it gives a warning about my Web site being a phishing Web site.

I do not want Microsoft scaring people away from my Web site. I have no idea why this started happening, or how to fix it. I used the option to report the Web site as non-phishing, but it didn’t change anything.

Web Site:


I suspect the problem is that you’re using shared hosting, and there are other sites wiith the same IP address which are problematic. The IP address (but not your domain) appears in a database of problem sites.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what you can do about it - beyond changing your hosting.

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Well that is a real crock, isn’t it? :rage:

I didn’t know shared hosting would do that. Maybe I need to go back to a VPS, but they are really expensive. Azure VPS seems to be more expensive than GoDaddy VPS. Even though they are supposed to bill based on usage.

I will contact GoDaddy and see what they say, but I haven’t had good luck with their support lately.

Thanks for the help. I would have never thought of that.

I do not have a problem viewing your site with edge but IE did not like it.

The Microsoft popup allowed me to say whether I thought it was Phising site or not; unlike the similar crappy system from Mcafee.

You will be pleased to know I said it was OK :wink:


A VPS seems a bit extreme for a one page website unless you use it for other things.

I tend to use small hosting companies and have not had problems with any of them.

I have never used GoDaddy for anything, but I believe the general opinion here is that they are a good registrar, but poor hosting company. You might do better moving to shared hosting with another company.

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Yes, it does still allow the Web site to be viewed, but I feel that the message might still scare some people away. I am about to update my Web site, as I am going to be doing Web design. I don’t think customers will trust my site if they receive that warning.

What other hosting companies could I use then? I use GoDaddy because it’s a large company, and their support is based in the United States. I’ve done a lot of searching on Google for Web hosts, and reviews, but have never found anything that I think I could trust.

Out of interest I just visited a site with edge that McAfee would not display at all and Microsoft edge came up with the same warning.
I wonder if it is a new update to edge or has been there all along?

As you say nobody is really going to trust a site if that warning comes up.

I used to use an American host but since UK hosting prices have come down I use them now.

Most companies do a 30 trial these days and it is a pain moving your site around but it should not do any harm trying a few. The USA company I used to use was hosting direct but the were taken over by some big company and they were not as user friendly.

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I’m not in the US, so can’t offer any suggestions. There is a SitePoint guide to choosing a hosting company, which might help:

I would be willing to use a UK host as well. I just don’t like when I have to be transferred to India for support. Most of the time they know what they are doing, but it’s just too much of a pain for me to get past the language barrier.

I’ll check that PDF and see what it’s about.


You could also try asking for recommendations in the Hosting category.

I use United-Hosting which is a UK based hosting company. I’ve been using them for getting on for 11 years. Though I’ve never phoned them for support, there’s never been a reason too. When you need help, it turns up very quickly using the an online support ticket system. The chances are that be a little more expensive than a US company, but my experience with them, suggests that they’re worth it.

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I will check them out.


It looks like Microsoft Azure came down in price a little. They have Windows 2012 VPS for ≈$15/month. I might give that a shot again.

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It is funny that sites where there is no problem Mcaffe and Microsofy block; yet a site I got to by misspelling a name which is obviously a bad site I do not get a warning!
The site was for a survey and I could not close my browser and it high jacked my home page.

I see so many of those Web sites lately. I type in an address and then get redirected, followed by a popup that says I have a virus, and need to install a program to remove it. Sometimes the message claims to be from the FBI.

I have a hard time even getting Web sites to load anymore, since they are so bloated with advertisements and scams. Even large Web sites like the weather channel, or msn. They take so long to load, that I can’t even scroll the page for 15 to 20 seconds. By that time I’ve given up and don’t even care why I originally went there.

I really miss the old days, where a page had some HTML and a maybe a couple pictures. I could go there, and get things done. There were no popups, no advertisements, and no scams.

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