[Meta] Subject Tagging by category

This is a public suggestion to the moderators to take under advisement, but something I’d like input from the community at large on. In many forums there are topic shorthands that are used to categorize posts. PHP is a large and diverse topic and forum and I think this can be well served by this. The manner in which I’d like to do this can be voluntary and not require enforcement - though vbulletin does have a thread categories plug in available.

Take this thread post. [Meta] is shorthand for posts about posts, or threads about thread. This is a meta thread because we are talking about forum policy here. But we’re in the PHP forum so, yes, we need to be specific to the PHP forum.

This is what I recommend. If you are asking a question regarding a major framework or CMS, call out it’s name in braces. (Exception - Wordpress which has it’s own forum. Questions regarding it most likely belong there). So…

“[Joomla] How do I use the XX class”
“[Cake] Having trouble with a controller.”

If your question is PHP version specific and you know it call it out. The assumption is going to be PHP 5.3

“[PHP 5.4] Help - what are traits?”
“[PHP 5.2] Foreach acting weird after upgrade.”

If more than one applies…

“[PHP 5.4, Joomla] Anyone having trouble running Joomla under 5.4?”

That last example of course shows that this is a bit redundant with descriptive titles, but the point is to - at a glance - get an idea of the problems being discussed.

Before the moderators and admins go to the effort of implementing this let’s simply place these markers in our threads for a time. This will also give us a clear idea of what categories will be useful (since they’ll come up a lot) and which ones won’t be.

EDIT: PHP 5.4 is not a typo. Alpha build is currently underway and the goal is for a release sometime next month if all goes smoothly.

That’s a good idea, Micheal! But it’s not easy for people to reach this thread to know about your idea. :frowning:

I don’t make it a habit to bump my own threads. If people are interested, they’ll discuss it. If they aren’t they won’t.

I’ve worked a large forum. It’s akin to herding cats. I don’t envy the moderators.