Meta refresh with target?

Is it posible to make the refreshed site go to a new frame? With a target comand?:confused:

Im not sure if this is exactly what you mean… but try this.

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Window-target" CONTENT="_top">

You need this tag to refresh a site. <meta http-equiv=refresh content=url>

How do I get it to open in a frame?

As you see in the picture, the bottom frame will refresh after a serten time. But how do I get it to opne in another frame?

You can’t specify a target frame for a refresh using a meta-refresh tag - you will have to use javascript of some sort (either with a timeout in a script that then loads a page in a different window, or a meta refresh that loads a page in one frame which has a bit of javascript that triggers another frame to load a page).

<meta HTTP-EQUIV=“REFRESH” CONTENT=“2;‘bla.htm’,‘_top’);”>

That works !!!

I tried it, but the page cantaining the meta (login.php) shows for 0 seconds, and then menu.php refreshes in the frame “menu” while that page (login.php) changes into an html page with only the word [object] displayed. How can I make sure that login.php just stays while only menu.php refreshes?

Why are you even using frames anyway?

Because I haven’t advanced beyond them.

Ah, was just curious is all. If you’re interested in learning a better way to manage and update Web sites, just hit me up. I’ll be glad to recommend some resources for you (I can’t help you with the frames since it’s been about 4 years since I last used them).

I would love to, and just so you know, I want can do php quite well…