Merging two google account data


3 days back i created Google Analytics account and it is working fine.

But when i go to Google Analytics >> Aquisition >> seo >> queries

It shows me message “This report requires Webmaster Tools to be enabled.”

The problem is I have already created a separate Google Webmaster tools account 1 year back.

So my question is =
If i enable Google webmaster tool inside Google analytics account, then will google fetch and show the 1 year data immediately or it will start the seo process again and show the data after 1-2 months ??

I just want to view the data of both the accounts in one single account.


If you go login to your Webmaster Tools property with your old Google account, and then add your new Google account as an administrator for that Webmaster Tools property, and then change ownership of the account to the new one, then you’ll have them both on the same one and not have any data lost.

If I explained that correctly o_O

So login, go to your property (on Webmaster Tools), then click the settings cog, Users and Site Owners, add the new Google account as a user, confirm the account or whatever it asks you, then go to Site Owners, and make them the owner .

Hi Jeff

The Webmaster Tool account was created with my Personal Gmail Account, so i cannot give access of this gmail account to anyone.

Google analytics account is new and anyone can open it or use it.
Thats why i wanted to display the seo results from webmaster account in the Google Analytics account.

What do you suggest on this situation


Right, but once you transfer the Webmaster Tools property to the new account, you can remove your personal one from it.

Or are you saying you don’t want to have the webmaster tools controlled by the same account?

Hi Jeff

Webmaster account is created with “” (My personal id)
Analytics account is created with “

So i want webmaster account seo result data should get displayed or transferred in the analytics account,
So that there should be no need to login to my personal account to view these datas.


Do you wish to transfer control of the webmaster tools data to name2? Or just let name2 view it?

Either way, what I suggested is the way to do it - if you just want to be able to see the data from name2, make them a user. If you want to transfer control, make them an owner.

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