Menu not showing between 730px and 430px resolution

Hi everyone,

I have came across with this problem. Between 730px and 430px screen resolution, the menu is not showing. It is supposed that if I click on an element, the menu has to be shown, but is not working…

I´m using JS code to do this:


		if(contador == 1){
				left: '0'
			contador = 0;
		} else {
				left: '-100%'
			contador = 1;


The HTML part:

<div class="boton_menu">
    <label class="fa fa-bars" for="boton"></label>

I have tried giving z-index:1000 in case it was behind any element but it hasn’t solved me anything. I can share if there is no problem the website.

I will really appreciate any help because it is making the website inaccessible for some devices.

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