Menu links to control multiple sliding-divs, desperate for some code!

I’m trying to make a nice elegant and simple portfolio using a little bit of jquery. I’ve tried learning the code but am really suffering with it.

Here is the page

I want to have a sliding div come in from screen-right when the user clicks on one of the menu links on the left. Ideally I would like to have each sliding div load an external html page inside (this is to make it easier for me to at content later on, on a separate html template I will make).

Here is a sliding div to show you what I mean (I couldn’t get rid of the select drop down menu).

One of my main issues is how to get multiple triggers and corresponding div – this being because I am way over my head with the language.

I’ve been trying to learn it but really don’t have the time to learn it all just for one effect.

Thank you so much,