Menu Issues

I have a website called and I am having an menu issue. The menu works perfectly until I click on a choice inside galleria. Once I do this the menu goes behind the content. I was given a fix for this:

div#top {z-index: 600000;position: relative;}

Now the menu will show while inside galleria but when I go to hover over the drop-down the menu drop-down disappears.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Jeremy Lee

Hi jeremy1128. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Now the menu will show while inside galleria but when I go to hover over the drop-down the menu drop-down disappears.

I’m not seeing a problem. Could you clarify a bit? What browser are you using?

Thank you for responding. If you click on a menu item inside Galeria, like HHD and once that page loads the menu will come up again, but you cannot click on the dop-down menu. The drop-down menu disappears on hover.

This happens on Chrome, Fire-Fox IE 8 & 9.


The problem is that there’s a gap between the top LI and the drop menu, so when the mouse moves off the top LI the hover effect breaks.

Try changing the top setting here (on line 36 in one of your many style sheets):

.menutop li.root:hover > .fusion-submenu-wrapper {
[COLOR="#FF0000"]top: 65px;[/COLOR]
left: 0;

to this

.menutop li.root:hover > .fusion-submenu-wrapper {
[COLOR="#FF0000"]top: 100%;[/COLOR]
left: 0;

It’s odd that you have different code applying on the home page from other pages.

Thank you, could you tell me which css file this lives in?

Thank you again for pointing this out!

Those styles appear twice in your CSS stylesheet.
somewhere in lines 28 and 36

Just add Ralph’s code to the bottom of your local on-page styles. That should fix the problem by overriding the preceeding two instances.

Unfortunately that did not fix the problem. I went ahead and changed all instances of the 65px in all CSS files, cleared cache and still having the same issue. Sorry guys!

Still looking for a solution as well.

I did find that if I disabled the Simple Image Gallery in Galeria everything works perfectly. So something inside SIG is causing the problem. plugins/content/plugin_jw_sig


According to FireBug, the style that is causing the problem is located here: (line 36).

.menutop li.root:hover > .fusion-submenu-wrapper {
    left: 0;
    top: 65px;

It has not been overridden.

If top:65px is deleted or changed to 100%, the menus behave correctly.

I do not see Ralph’s code in the css at the top of the local page,

Where in Florida do you live?

I will take a look again at the CSS your referring to. Thanks!

I live in the Gainesville area which is 1.5 hours south of Jacksonville and and 1.5 hours north of Orlando. :slight_smile:

PERFECT! That worked… you guys are awesome! Thank you so much!

You’re very welcome. :slight_smile:

I lived in Gainesville when I was a small child… through the 3rd grade. “Kirby Smith Elementary School”, if it’s still there.
My family moved to Jacksonville afterwards. That was a long time ago. I’m sure I wouldn’t recognize G’ville now. :lol:


That was a long time ago… Kirby is now the center for The School Board of Alachua County. It has changed a lot and yes Gainesville has changed tremendously in just the last 30 plus years that I have known it.

Small world! Thanks again for your help! I truly do appreciate it!