Menu does not open in IE8

The menu works in Chrome and Firefox etc.
The main menu item Trophies should have a sub menu item, Sports Trophies that opens directly beneath it. That should have a sub menu that opens on the right with 7 items.
In IE9 it opens only the first item “Sports Trophies” In IE 8 none open.
I am on a mac, I have tried figuring this out using a simulator but no luck and it is painfully slow
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

oops, can’t believe I forgot to post the link, no wonder I did not get any answers!


Its the IE gradient filter that is killing Ie8.

#nav ul.sub-menu{
filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr='#454545', endColorstr='#333333');

Remove it and the menu should return.

Most of those IE filters can have dramatic effects on the way elements work and I would advise against using them if possible. Just let older browsers degrade nicely.

(That’s a lot of code for such a small effect but that seems to be par for the course as far as html5 is concerned these days.)

Thanks as always you are the man!

@Paul thank you man. even i was having the same problem and your suggestion totally worked. Thank you once again :smiley: