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I have thoughts about starting up an internet business. I would like to create a membership site around my interest. The problem is that i’m not so good at the technical parts and wondering how much time it requires to learn the programming languages to setup a website where I can accept monthly payments for members. The content is not a problem, but I don’t really know where to start. I would like to create something similar to, or But I would not want one time payment, a monthly subscription.

Could anyone give some advice how I can start? or does it cost much to hire a professional programmer to setup a site similar to these membership sites above?

Regards, May Reich

No tips and tricks on how I should start building a membership site? it doesn’t exists and pre-made systems or something?

I’d recommend you do some research on different web design companies and see their rates and what they can offer you. What you are attempting to do is slightly complicated and delicate, since you are handling credit card information :).

Describe your situation exactly and what your main points are you hope to get out of their services. Be a smart customer. If you can’t afford it, you can look into premade shopping carts and templates, though you still will have a lot to read up on.

I know that if I was going to buy something, and the website didn’t at least look decent…I wouldn’t trust it.

If you have some experience with web design (HTML and CSS) you can use a ready-made content management system (CMS) to handle memberships, registrations etc. There are various CMSes with this functionality ready to go—some even with ready-made themes (design) that you can use out of the box. (I’m sure WordPress must have some.)

The one I would use would probably be ExpressionEngine (CMS) plus the Membrr add-on … but those cost a bit.

There are also hosted CMSes like BusinessCatalyst which have lots of built-in features that you can use even with no web experience at all. Not sure if it has a membership module, but worth a look.

I am also in the course of creating a membership site and have done a bit of research.

Rather than hire a programmer and/or worry about the tech aspect, you can use Wordpress plus a plugin like Wishlist member1

I am probably going to use Optmize Press WP theme and wishlist member…Easier and cheaper.

Now my problem is time to create all of the content…

Best of luck.

If you have a bit of time to devote to this, you could use the open source Joomla content management system (which is excellent, and relatively easy to set up - give me a shout if you need a few pointers) with a subscription component, such as these: