Member of the Week — colshrapnel

I’d like to congratulate @colshrapnel as this week’s top member.

colshrapnel has been providing lots of great answers lately, especially relating to database issues. And this topic on colshrapnel’s PDO tutorial is fantastic. (It’s a great resource if you’re looking for a comprehensive intro to PDO.)

Thanks for your great contributions, @colshrapnel!

Each week, we give a shout out—along with a free SitePoint ebook—to a member who’s helped to make this a great community to visit.


Congratulations, @colshrapnel.

Good to have members who not only answer questions, but also start interesting discussions.

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Well done @colshrapnel. I will have to find time to read all your PDO tutorial. I did take a quick look, but it was a bit long (thorough) to take in at the time.

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Well done indeed @colshrapnel - I have to hold my hands up and say I’ve not really engaged with your stuff yet, but give me time…


Well deserved, @colshrapnel. Your knowledgeable and helpful posts add a lot to the threads you participate in. I hope you continue to be a frequent cotributor.

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Great work @colshrapnel Keep it up.
We appreciate members who are active and never hesitate to step in and help others.

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Thanks to everyone! To be frank, I am little confused by such a warm receive for my humble contributions.

I won’t say that my posts are that knowledgeable though. I just happened to answer some tens of thousands basic questions on PHP and can recognize most of them blindfolded :smile:

Either way, I hope that I’ll continue to contribute with the aim of improving the the experience of PHP developers. Because PHP is a wonderful language that just spoiled by numerous outdated tutorials.


Hey @colshrapnel. Congrats! I’ve been enjoying your PDO article and the interaction/discussion that has ensued here on the forums in regards to it. The reward is well deserved.


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