Means of Payment Apart from PayPal

PayPal is the most trusted means of carrying payment transactions on the internet. Most people on the internet are used to it because it is more secure. Is there other alternative trusted means of payment transactions on the internet that people won’t shy to use apart from PayPal?

Cash-on-delivery always works :slight_smile:

There are a few PayPal-like services such as Google Payments and Amazon Payments. There are pseudo-credit card processing services like 2checkout, SquareUp and ProPay. And then there are all of the regular credit card services such as Braintree or what you would find at a bank.

If one uses cash on delivery then that is going to be difficult especially where customers are located in far countries. What if someone is a freelance writer, do you think cash on delivery will work?

apart from paypal,I use west union and check and some times wire transfer for trusted customers.