May Photo Challenge. Remember the May!

In May: the month of music in New Zealand, the day of Remembrance of the Dead in the Netherlands, Liberation Day in Denmark and the Netherlands, Cinco de Mayo in Mexico, Children’s Day in Japan and Korea, the day of the Finnish language in Finland, the beginning of Tourette Syndrome awareness month, Vesak full moon poya day of Gautama Buddha, the Towel Day, in tribute to Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the Eurovision Song Contest, Armenia’s first independence, from the Ottoman Empire, the Indianapolis 500…

Here, in Romania, ‘tis the flowers’ month.

Here it’s called may. People don’t give a flying purple fish about any of that other stuff – well, except perhaps it’s the month before we get to celebrate our nation by blowing up a small part of it.

In a lot of ways, it’s like our names.

BUTCH: …Esmarelda Villalobos – is that Mexican?

ESMARELDA: The name is Spanish, but I’m Columbian.

BUTCH: It’s a very pretty name.

ESMARELDA: It means “Esmarelda of the wolves.”

BUTCH: That’s one {expletive omitted} of a name you got there, sister.

ESMARELDA: Thank you. And what is your name?

BUTCH: Butch.

ESMARELDA: Butch. What does it mean?

BUTCH: I’m an American, our names don’t mean {expletive omitted}.

Of course, ‘remembrance’ days have always kind of pissed me off – remember it now, to blazes with it the rest of the year… RIGHT. Were that a man could have Christmas in his heart all year-round.

Here in NH may is usually darker,drearier and more a time to stay indoors; consider it a late April… since the first half of April we still see freezing temps every night, and the latter half we have a 1 week hot spell making you think it was august… followed by what everyone else associates with April - perpetual overcast and a slow thaw typically right up through the first week of June.

May just serves as a reminder that the miserable steaming temperatures with absurd humidity is coming; and being I’m a miserable {expletive omitted} every time the temps break 65F don’t expect me to get all happy about it. You want me happy, see me in November.

Oh, and don’t forget allergy season.

Today is a sunny day.

So I opened up shop outside:

A bee came over for the morning coffee:

The month of May makes me think of the Latin holiday Cinco De Mayo which is celebrated here in NYC.
May also makes me think of bicycles (Bike week is in May as well as Bike To Work Day)
So for my submission I present to you my shot of a latin girl with a bike LINK

(this is my first sitepoint photo challenge so I hope I’m interpreting the rules right)

Nice shot. There really aren’t too many rules for a photo challenge. Mostly that it must be your own photo and not something you picked up elsewhere on the Internet. However, do remember that when you post a photo that contains a recognizable face, you need to have your subject’s permission. I’m assuming you do for this one. :slight_smile:

@shyflower - yes I should have stated. Its my shot and I have an image release. The model is caly ray from model mayhem.

May reminds me that sunsets are later in the day. This one is of the Los Angeles skyline.

I generally like sunrises better than sunsets, but that one is truly beautiful! Nice shot. Was that taken near your home or is there a scenic overlook that gives you that great view?

It’s near where I live. It’s just a few blocks north of Sunset Blvd and Dodger Stadium is behind me in the pic. But this is a common overlook area and where many professional photographers take photos of the infamous LA skyline. You can sit there for a good 2 - 3 hours without being disturbed. So you can get the sunset (or sunrise) at different phases, All it is is an vacant field north of some apartments.

Oh, one more thing, wild peacocks run the area. They sit on the power lines and make a lot of noise. Apparently they come from Pasadena and this overlook is part of their territory.

Got pictures? I’d love to see them.

I tried many times All I had was my camera phone with me so I couldn’t get anything to say “yes, that is a peacock”. Im sure even with photoshop or other software I could barely produce a decent pic. When they did come out was beyond the sunset phase in the picture. One would need a good flash camera for night time use to capture them in a photo.

Off Topic:

Ah… so peacocks squawk at night, do they? I didn’t know that. :eek:

It seems like May has passed.

Not without a sunset in the cemetary, on Holy Ascension day, when I went to light candles for our late beloved ones:

And some cat hay fever, laying on the freshly cut with the scythe grass (it’s actually a she, Trica, and a he, Morning):