Mathematics operation on EditText Android

Hello, I’m new at this forum, I have been trying to find the right answer for this question but I can’t find it. So the idea is, I’ve made a custom keyboard for mathematical operations such as Integrals and Matrix and all , so I’ve downloaded recently an app “Mathway” I hope you know it , where you can write for example integral and it gives you access to write on integral sides.

So my question is how I can add these numbers on top of integrals or matrix …

Welcome to the forum, @mgharitarik :slight_smile:

Uhm… was there a question to your post?

Hello , thank you for your answer, but I did not understand what you said.

You haven’t asked a question.

ah sorry I edited the question thank you

I installed Mathway on my Android phone, but can’t find the integral symbol to try it out. Are you asking about how to use Mathway? This is a web development forum, so I’m not too sure if this is the best place to be asking about that. Have you tried to contact support for Mathway?

Sorry, but I’m confused, please correct me If I’m wrong.

AFAICT, Mathway is not open-source, does not have an API, nor is it designed to be used with a custom keyboard.

I’m assuming you have written code using EditText that creates the custom keyboard, and that you are now looking for a way to have the symbols display similar to how they display in Mathway.

I don’t see anything in the EditText docs related to math symbols, but if you have figured out how to do so, that’s good.

As for getting the symbols to display, I thinking looking into MathJax may provide a solution.

Hey, thank you for your answer. Sorry I guess I did not explain well, mathway is just an example, I figured out how to write math symbols such as integral and all , using a “Unicode-Table”, but what I wan’t is, when I write an integral or for example, writing x power 3, in mathway when you click the x power , it will display on the edittext the x and little interogation mark next to it where u can write the number.

I’ve explained a bit more on a reply if you wan’t to check , thank you.

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