Materialize .carousel increasing width not align center


I've having a problem with when increasing the width of the image in Carousel , the size of the image grows bigger to the right. How can i set it align center?

.materialboxed {
max-height: 600px;
width: 550px;


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We need to see all the relevant code, bothHTML and CSS. If you have a link to a live page, that'a theeasiest way; otherwise, you can post your code here or use something like Codepen. (See for more information.)


Thank you TechnoBear, link to page
I want to make Carousel size bigger i've tried to add width and reduce (margin-left: -150px) which doesn't work properly in lightbox..
Also another question how do i get rid of (.html) to for example
Thank you in advance.


You can't increase the child bigger than the parent because it just overflows. The image is inside .item which you have sized at 400px. You must change both.

.carousel .carousel-item{
    width: 550px;


Thank you Paul, :grin:

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