Mastering the iTunes Affiliate Program

I am a heavy user (two sites so far with a third on its way) of the iTunes affiliate program but no matter what I do I can’t get much help from them or linkshare so I was hopeing someone could help me out and we could pool our knowledge.

How do you figure out what songs your actually selling?

What do each of the SKUs relate to?

What are the $0.00 transactions?

Is there an API to tapping into the itunes link builder?

Thanks everyone!

Two years later and now I can answer all my own questions! In case anyone else was curious:

Hey Dsounds,

I’m just starting to investigate and was grateful to come across your post and link. Two years with no response! Just goes to show, if you wanna get something done . . . .


I did not know tha itunes has an affiliate program, I must check it out.