Masonry Gallery with Detail Shot Feature like on Adobe Stock

So I have a client who would like to present his artworks in a Masonry Gallery, like seen on adobe stock:

If you click on an image, he wants this detail view popping up in between the gallery lines and then have the possibility to switch between high detail shots of the artwork (single pictures, that are not part of the actual gallery).

I think it is quite annoying if your viewpoint flips around all the time, so I guess that’s why lightboxes were invented. But do you know a gallery (preferably wordpress plugin), that could do that? Or maybe the name of this feature?

I guess I will propose a lightbox version where an image click in the masonry opens a light box to a separate gallery slider, that only has the detail shots.

But if the client is stubborn I need to find a solution like on adobe stock.

Thanks for your help!