Marking Up Employee Info

What is the best way to mark up info about an employee?

For example…

John Smith
ASE Master Mechanic
20 Years Experience

I have a heading called < h2>Our Staff< /h2>, and was thinking of making the employee < h3 >, but am not sure what to do with everything else.

Is it a heading?


In the example above, “John Smith” is almost like a paragraph heading and the info below is the paragraph. (That’s just my weird way of looking at things!)

I am also leaning towards using a DL/DT/DD.

The only problem with that is that I don’t necessarily want a label next to each thing. (I think people can figure that “John Smith” is a name!!)

I’d go with using a dl. (There’s no need to label each item unless you want to.)

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This is what they are designed for:


How would you apply DL/DT/DD to the example in my OP?

As I see it, I just have the DD’s as we both seem to agree label’s (i.e. DT) are unnecessary.

<dt>John Smith</dt>
<dd>ASE Master Mechanic</dd>
<dd>20 Years Experience</dd>

<dt>Fred Bloggs</dt>
<dd>MA in Economics</dd>
<dd>15 Years Experience</dd>

<dt>Ethel Blenkinsopp</dt>
<dd>Tea Lady</dd>
<dd>15 Band of Hope Temperance certificates</dd>
<dd>47 years experience</dd>
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Oh, that is an interesting approach!

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