Marketing a site : Reaching a Peak

So I’ve had a website for a year and I’ve been thinking of adding more functionality to it. But then a thought occurred, is it worth spending additional time on this application? When I compare the stats from my website to similar sites, the stats are similar. So maybe the site has reached its peak.

Perhaps it would make more financial sense to create a whole new website than to enhance this one. Or maybe I haven’t taken full advantage of the ‘potential’ and i should continue improving it.

Any thoughts? When do we know when a site has reached its peak and there is nothing we can do to improve its traffic?

Site is here if you’re curious : site

Thanks for the suggestions guys. You guys actually convinced me to go back and add stuff I’ve always wanted to do but never got around to doing.

People are using it. That’s not really an issue. My question is “has it reached its traffic peak”? Perhaps I’m way off and there is no such thing as “traffic peak” and one can always increase traffic with enough marketing.

There are always peaks in business, but the solution is not always to stop simply because you reach them. First you need to identify if you are truly peaking, or if you are simply best in breed. Since your competition has similar traffic there is probably more volume out there… unless every visitor is just cycling all the sites (unlikely). Next you need to think about how you broaden your peak. Do you have a service that could be a bit more appealing? A bit less niche?

There may be a time to stop building as the growth is outweighed by the lack of return but that’s a decision best made by looking at the actual market, not just what competition has done.

My thoughts are that you need to spend the time and make sure this current site is at it’s peak before you just brush it off. I would recommend making the changes and see what happens.

About what functionalities are you talking exactly?
If it is really usefull people will use it.

But before people can use the functionality they need to be aware of the site so you should do some Internet Maketing and SEO