Margins in bootstrap

yeah yeah I know…shouldn’t have used bootstrap. next time.
but for now. how can I set the right margin on this page so the carousel doesn’t touch the browser’s edge?
I know i can offset the spans to the right, but I don’t think you can offset them to the left?
Any suggestions or anyone knows how.
And of course I need to keep it responsive/flexible…

You shouldn’t have used bootstrap. This time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you say a bit more about how you want the layout to work? You need to look at the big picture here, rather than one small part of the page.

Sherpa, none of the pages that the menu bar opens have margins along the sides. The problem is not about the carousel nor ordinary margins, it’s about your inexperience with the Bootscrap grid. The grid has mechanisms for creating margins that IT understands. You need to read the Bootscrap book.

How did such an intelligent person get mixed up with such a cumbersome product? :scratch:

Raph…ha, ha! so funny man…soooo funny!

Ronpat: Thank you for your kind assumptions about my intelligence…(noting like running into dev-problems to make you feel stupid so that helped)
by cumbersome I assume you mean bootstrap? long story.

One of my probs is I need to get a lot of info/knowledge in a relatively short period of time. I did look at the bs (no pun intended btw) info on the web. probab not as in depth as i need to but having to absorb lots info quickly.
I looked at their fluid grid info.
Anyway. back to it I guess.

I was asking a serious question, though. If you just try to nudge individual elements around, you’ll dig yourself in deeper. The footer also touches the sides of the browser. It looks like you need to put limits on the width of all content and work out a proper centering strategy for the layout. That’s why I advise you to look at the big picture first. As ronpat says, there must be a simple way BootsTrap deals with this.

sorry missed that ralph.
footer, header are supposed to touch the hedges.
there must be a simple way. just have not found it yet. & posted on the bootstrap g+ “support” site but there have been no replays