Manipulate a SVG

I have a SVG of the US

and am trying to cut it into this shape u876
But the code is too long for me to make sense of it, but
when I try to comment out anything, the whoe thing dissapears, the code is like

  <path style="stroke-width:.4; stroke:red; fill:none"
    m -79.074002,
	-0.353 -0.015,
	0.39 -0.041,
	0.061 -0.075,
	-0.104 -0.158,
	0.116 -0.086,
	-0.084 0.037,
	-0.136 -0.012,
	-0.106 0.117,
	-0.009 0.028,

How can I?

Maybe try a GUI vector editor like Inkscape or similar. It should be more intuitive with a complex shape like this.

Hi there lurtnowski,

an image of code is meaningless and unhelpful. :unhappy:


Ill check out inkscape, heres the file im trying to change, (Ill put it up tonight)

ok, heres the svg im gonna try to make look like u9511

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