Managing Facebook Fan Pages for Clients

For those of you providing this service, I have a question:

Facebook requires you to first have a personal page before you can create a fan page, and the two are linked. How do you create a fan page for someone who already has a Facebook profile? Do you ask for his login and password, then set yourself up as admin?

And if he doesn’t already have a Facebook account, do you set both up?


While you creating the page and it is under development, you can do it under your profile. Before the fan page goes public, you can add your client as an administrator, publish the page and remove yourself as administrator once it is published. Then only your client will have control over it.

I hope that this answers your question.

BTW, it is good to see you around. Been ages since the last time I saw you in the forums :slight_smile: (sure you don’t remember me because I was not part of the staff at that time but I do remember you :D)

You can ask the person to create a fan page and then make you admin if you need to access his fanpage. I personally would never give my facebook login info to anyone because my business is linked to it and they could cause some damage. Just add them as a admin and then delete them when you are done.

Thank for the reply. I haven’t been active on the forums for some time, but I do write a weekly article in the business section here on SitePoint.

Regard the Fan page setup: can it be set up using our company’s fan page so that no one has to use their personal profile? We don’t know ultimately who within the company will be managing things, so we’d prefer not to associate a client’s fan page with a particular employee.

No, you have to associate it with someone. I set up my business account with my personal account because I own the company. You do not have to let your fans see that you are the facebook admin, you can elect to have that hidden. If you own the company then you I would set up the fan page under your account so you always have it. If you sell it later you can transfer it to another admin.

I don’t own the company, and we don’t want to associate clients’ FB pages to any one employee’s personal profile. It seems like there should be an alternative. How do mega-corporations like Coca-Cola have a Fan page? I’d be surprised if they’re forced to associate their Fan page to an individual within the company.

In larger orgs there’s usually a social strategist [it’s even more fun than the title implies] who creates a page often under a fake account tied to the company’s email [Facebook does create “advertiser” accounts without personal profiles]. From there a tool like CoTweet is linked up and contributors, whether they be in marketing, support, pr or an agency are given access rights through that system. The system logs actions, allows for review, case management, scheduling and all sorts of other fun controls.

But because of EdgeRank’s [assumed] negative impact to API postings, many teams also have a few people with direct access who make the actual posts via the web or a mobile interface [and yes, this often means personal profiles are still used]. The larger the team, the higher level the role but ultimately anyone with access is a danger so you either trust someone and bring them, or don’t bother playing in the space.

Coke is an interesting case as their page was started by a few fans who are, or were, still involved. Fun reading if you google the topic.

Creating an advertiser account seems to have worked so far. Thanks.


I created a Fan page from my person account as an experiment, but I didn’t see the option to publish it. Once I created it, it was published. Do you need to be registered as a FB developer for this option?[/COLOR]

No, you don’t have to be a developer.

By default, your page is unplublished and you know that because you have a little message at the top that reads “This page has not been published. Learn about unpublished pages and publish this page when you are ready.”

Learn about and publish this page are links. The first one goes to a help page that explains the difference between published/unpublished pages (that is, if it is unpublished you or an administrator are the only person able to see it) and the second, obviously, publishes the page.

If when you go to your page you don’t see that little message at the top then your page was published.

To unpublish your page, hit the edit page button at the top right area of your page, and tick the appropriate checkbox and save your changes.


Yes…you need the login detail for that particular facebook A/C. after that you can easily create a Fan page for that A/C.