MAMP Pro and SSL

Anyone have an up to date tutorial on how to get SSL working on MAMP Pro? I only bought the full version for the SSL support but the documentation is none existant and all the tutorials i have come across are from 2009 and dont work on the latest version of MAMP Pro i.e. and

In the first tutorial i get to the part where i need to configure the /Applications/MAMP/conf/apache/ssl.conf but it doesnt exist. In the second tutorial the first step doesnt work when i try to see the hidden SSL checkbox!


Why not search for where your ssl.conf is located on the system.

If using Linux (you may have to run under SU or SUDO) do:

 find -name *ssl.conf 

If using Windows then use the GUI search.

You can also look at the apache.conf file to see the default path it expects the SSL certs to be set-up.

Keep in mind that as MAMP uses Apache that any modern Apache tutorial on configuring SSL will be very similar to what you will have to do.

I would suggest you to visit :