Malware on Wordpress site

Hi i have malware that’s been detected on my website. It looks to be 26 files that are infected how should I go about fixing my site and stopping it from getting this in the future?

There’s a comprehensive article here which might help:

Also, a post here:

Resources on web application security - #31 by dklynn

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Another easy task is to backup your wp-content/themes folder. If you do not have any custom plugins (plugins from, you can simply delete the plugin folder.

You then need to :

  1. install a fresh copy of WordPress,
  2. and then restore your wp-content folder (excluding the plugins),
  3. a 3rd party plugin like WordFence. It will scan for any other files or scripts that look out of place
  4. Based on the number of files still affected, you can through the files and remove the injected malicious code
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