Making the server display notices, error messages


I have a page which has the code above in my old server (PHP5, Window).
I have a page which has the code above in my new server (PHP7, Xubuntu).

In the old server, it says " Parse error : syntax error, unexpected $end".
In the new server, it says “nothing”.

How can I make my new server say something about the error when the code has some problems?

Start by changing all short opening php tags <? to a full opening php tags <?php

Then, if you don’t get the same php parse error, you need to edit the php.ini on your system and make sure that error_reporting is set to E_ALL and display_errors is set to ON.

I fixed it.

There are 5 php.ini files like the following.

Which one should I set for it?

I find several error_reportings in /etc/php/7.2/apache2/php.ini.

The above explains well.

Create a .php file with a phpinfo(); statement in it to find the php.ini that php is using. See the “Loaded Configuration File” value in the output.

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